About Us

Who we are?

Xtreme Divers has the only two skydiving locations in Puerto Rico. Whether you skydive in Arecibo or Humacao, your breath will be taken away by the beautiful view. Both locations are near the beach. With Puerto Ricos' mountainous terrain, you'll be watching big green mountains through one side of the airplane windows and through the other side, sandy beaches and the blue sea.

After you reach 10,500 feet of altitude, the Cessna's door will open, you'll get out of the plane, and no to long after that, you'll be dropping 120 mph into the beautiful landscape.

Our Team

Experts in skydiving, our team is all about fun and adrenaline, but never sacrificing safety and security.

What we do

Cross off this item from your bucket list. Watch the video and see for yourself what you are missing out.