Skydive today!


First time jumper? Not a problem! Jump attached to the front of an instructor.

Saturdays and Sundays (8:00 AM - 6:00PM): On a 'first come, first serve' basis or with previous appointment and deposit.

Week days: Call for appointment, with at least one days notice. Deposit is $50 non-refundable per person. One time rescheduling of an appointment will require a minimum 48 hours of advance notice.

We have transportation services. Please call and ask for our offers

Web payments: Paypal Check Out.

On the drop zone: cash, Visa® or Mastercard®.


Right now we are jumping from Arecibo Airport

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Failure to show up for scheduled appointments will result in lost of deposits.

AFF Course

Want to become a skydiver?

Our AFF course consists of 8 levels / classes.

Stable fall / Freefall awareness exercises
You'll jump for the first time and do an circle of awareness (COA)...
Ground references, 90° turns, forward movement
After becoming stable, you'll do two practice touches. Then you must...
Heading and hover control
Once you exit and stabilize, you'll do an COA, practice touch, ...
90° turns and forward movement, in relationship to the instructor
This is the first jump where the instructor will stop holding you...
360° turns, forward movement
You'll have to complete two 360° turns. One turn to the left and...
Dive Exit + Backflip + Tracking
You'll do your first dive exit, then you'll be asked to do a backflip and...
Tracking / skills building
This jump is a combination of all previously learned skills, or...
Hop and Pop
Final lesson : 4,500' feet. Check and don gear, locate airport and...

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